Lair of the System Bug

Where Existence is an Experiment

B.J. Vankoughnett
17 November 1980
My name is B.J. Vankoughnett. I was born in St. Thomas, Ontario, Canada three months premature and am the eldest of four children. I have been the husband of Amanda (nalakd) since December twenty-seventh, 2003, and father of Alexander Nathaniel Vankoughnett since July twenty-ninth, 2005. We live in our third home; an apartment in Ottawa South.

I work full-time technical support for an ISP (Internet Service Provider) in their Commercial Contract and do various backup duties including supervisor and my wife cares for our son while I am at work. She is still considered an American and not even a Resident and thus cannot work.

Now that the simple and basic particulars are out of the way, I am quite strange. If this doesn't scare you off, good. If my exhaustive list of interests didn't give you an idea of what I am like, well, you may just have to talk to me.
abnormality, abstraction, acrobatics, adventure, agility, agnosticism, alcohol, algebra, altruism. amusement, analysis, anime, archery, astrology, astronomy, belief, bluntness, brainspew, bugs, caffeine, challenge, chess, clarinet, classical, coffee, compassion, complexity, computers, contemplation, conversation, creativity, curiosity, cwal, darkness, dexterity, discipline, drama, earth, efficiency, emotion, empathy, endurance, energy, exactitude, existentialism, fairness, fantasy, flexibility, french, friendship, fun, game design, gaming, generalisation, heat, hiking, honesty, honour, human sexuality, humour, idealism, ideas, imagination, improvisation, inquisitiveness, insects, intelligence, intuition, japanese, knowledge, language, learning, life, lightning, linguistics, listening, logic, love, magic, martial arts, mathematics, mediating, medieval, multilingualism, music, mythology, nalakd, naturalism, nature, night, objectivity, obscurity, open-mindedness, optimism, ottawa, patience, pedantism, philosophy, physicality, possibility, powerwalking, praying mantises, programming, puns, rain, reading, realism, reality, reason, reasoning, roleplaying, science, science fiction, self-control, self-discipline, self-improvement, selflessness, semantics, sense, showers, singing, skill, slanty shanty, spontaneity, stories, storms, storylines, storyverses, strategy, subconsciousness, sweet tea, swordsmanship, syntax, systems, teaching, telepathy, the town pants, thought, thunder, tolerance, tranquility, trust, truth, understanding, video game music, video games, walking, warmth, willpower, writing